the other night i was talking with a friend of mine about the ‘hidden in plain sight’ aspect of l.a architecture.
and, more specifically, what you see from the street isn’t always representative of the house/building and what it actually is.
here’s a case in point:
my friend ruttiger (name changed to protect the ostensibly innocent) lives near me in a house that from the street looks, well, a little bit dumpy.
when seen from the outside with it’s black metal door it kind of looks like a crystal meth dispensary with shrubbery. although that sounds very old timey, like ‘ye olde crystal meth dispensary’.
in any case, it looks sort of dumpy and kind of run down.
but then you walk in the front door and you see gigant-o (that’s a technical term in architecture circles) windows looking dramatically
out over the hills and mountains and griffith observatory and downtown.
to illustrate this i’ve taken 3 pictures.
picture 1 is from the outside, showing the crystal meth dealer facade. and pictures 2 and 3 are taken from the deck.
oh, i’m also going to include a picture of the living room, as it doesn’t really look anything like the black metal door fronted facade of the house (oh, and the cowskin on the floor isn’t a repudiation of my vegan principles, as i neither ate it nor rolled around on it naked).
but the person who lives in this house is from texas, and i think the cowskin is her childhood pet.
ok, thanks

moby’s tumblr makes me happy.

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